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Caravan Parks

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for caravanners and nomads


As we travel down the highways with our caravan in tow,
We prayer to the almighty that the forecast rains wont show,
We ask that roads are solid, roos and wombats nowhere near,
And with some luck by afternoon we’re settled with a beer…
Our camping site is not five star, not four or even one,
But we don’t care for such fine things, as long as there is sun.
As long as there is kindling close for our BBQ to fire,
To us five star is not a room, but a lifestyle to desire…
To open air, the sun, the moon, the stars at night so bright,
The freedom that our travels bring, the worries all so light.
Except of course the dreaded curse of every travelling man,
When it’s time to park and rest the eyes-the backing of the van…
Now very vaner knows that at each and every stay,
A “backing expert” waits and stalks for his new prey.
Like a hunter in the wild he will watch in silent wait,
At the moment of reversing he’ll shout – “I’ll do it for you mate”.
It’s hard to describe to others, the life of  travelling in a van,
No clocks or phones or timetables, imagine if you can.
Just maps and charts to study for destinations new,
 And at each new place a drink is had a quiet one or two…
The friends we meet along the road all tend to be like us,
With greying hair and glasses, and a lifestyle lacking fuss.
Some say that we are nomads, with no place to call our  home,
But this is no offence to us, for it’s Australia that we roam…




There is something so gripping about caravanning that ensures this time-honoured Australian activity is loved by so many people around the country who travel all across the country.
Speak to a caravanner about their trusty set of wheels and you’ll likely find they have more stories up their sleeve than the local librarian. Caravanning has the ability to create endless excitement and passion. Towing a home away from home is a big deal, and there’s a lot to take in.

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10 handy tips for your first caravanning adventure

You’re going on your first caravanning trip. Excellent! It’s an exciting time of freedom, fun, and the thrill of a new experience. It’s also a big step.Towing a caravan is a lot tougher than having to ‘carry’ an underperforming doubles partner during the social tennis season; it adds a whole new dimension to any holiday. Factors such as what to bring, time spent on the road, and where to park suddenly have much greater importance. Here’s a bunch of great tips for first-time caravan users to allow a smooth journey and an enjoyable holiday… Read them all  HERE


A Guide To Safe Towing

for caravaners and nomads

Safe Towing Load
The Legal Requirements

There are guidelines set out to make towing as safe as possible for the benefit of all people travelling on Australian roads.  Failure to strictly comply with the legal requirements can result in loss of insurance, warranty and not to mention the compromised safety of yourself and your loved ones.  Continue reading >>>



Handy Links for Caravanners

for caravanners and nomadsIf you are one of the growing army of grey nomads discovering, or hoping to discover, the joys of the open road in this wonderful country, then this site is for you. Whether you are a baby boomer travelling indefinitely, choosing to spend the winter months up north, or simply enjoying a few short trips a year, you are part of the growing grey nomad community in Australia. Whether you are travelling in a caravan, motorhome, campervan, camper trailer, fifth wheeler or a tent, this site is the place to read about people like yourselves … and about the ……………………………………………………………….issues affecting the grey nomad lifestyle in Australia. Visit the website HERE



for caravanners and nomads

The Caravan Industry Association Western Australia (Inc) (CIAWA) is the peak Caravan and Camping Industry body for Western Australia. Formed as a not for profit Association in 1963, our role is to represent and provide Members with a wide range of services that will assist in the operations of their business and raise industry awareness amongst consumers.

Visit Website >>>




for caravanners and nomadsGrey Nomads Australia‘s aim is to share the passion, the knowledge and the excitement of life on the road. We cannot stress enough how wonderful it is to determine a destination, hook up your choice of BYO accommodation and just go for it. There is nothing more satisfying than becoming your own personal tour guide and seeing Australia at your own pace.
Join us and make Grey Nomads Australia your ultimate information site.
Visit Website >>>



Find Caravan Parks
In Western Australia

Route 120 – The Pioneer Way:   cranbrook
Scroll down the page

Caravan Parks in Western Australia

Discover your next holiday destination here. With Caravan Parks located throughout Western Australia the choice is yours to make, just ask yourself where to next! Click on the region name above and find the holiday destination right for you. For Route 120 Caravan Parks… keep scrolling down!

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for caravanners and nomads

Route 120
Caravan Parks


Northam Caravan Park
150 Yilgarn Avenue, Northam
Tel: 08 9622 1620
Web: Click Here

York Caravan Park & Camping Grounds
Tel: 2 Eighth Rd, York WA
Tel: 0476 232 850

White Gum Caravan Park & Flight Facility
680 Cameron Road, York WA
Tel: 0408 906 520
Web: Click HERE

Beverley Caravan Park
22 Council Rd, Beverley WA
Tel: 08 9646 1200
Web: Click HERE

Brookton Caravan Park & Camping Ground
Brookton Highway, Brookton WA
Tel: 08 9642 1106
Web: Click Here

Pingelly Caravan Park
26 Sharow Street, Pingelly WA
Tel: 08 9887 1351

Laze Away Holiday Farm and Accommodation
Great Southern Highway, Popanyinning WA
Tel: 08 9887 5027
Web: Click HERE

Congelin Camp Ground
GPS: -32.8208, 116.888
Web: Click HERE

Narrogin Caravan Park
80 Williams Rd, Narrogin WA
Tel: 0427 478 333
Web: Click HERE

Wagin Caravan Park and RV Area
39 Scadden Street, Wagin WA
Tel: 08 9861 1177 – After Hours: 0419 611 057
Web: Click HERE

Avalon Caravan Park
Corner of Robinson Road and the Great Southern Highway
Tel: 08 9823 1681
Web: Click HERE

Katanning Caravan Park and Roadhouse
68 Cornwall St, Katanning WA 6317
Tel: 08 9821 1155
Web: Click HERE

Broomehill Village Caravan Park
Cnr Morgan Road and Journal Street, Broomehill Village WA
Tel: 08 9825 3555

Tambellup Caravan Park
East Terrace, Tambellup WA
Tel: 08 9825 3555 (Council)

Cranbrook Caravan Park
Mason St, Cranbrook WA
Tel: 0429 942 825
Web: Click HERE


Caravan Parks

State Route 30 – Albany Highway
Between Cranbrook & Albany


Mount Barker Caravan Park
31720 Albany Hwy, Mount Barker WA
Tel: 08 9851 1691
Web: Click HERE

for caravanners and nomads

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